Why You Should Choose Blinds for Classrooms and School Buildings

Window coverings deserve careful thought, especially for classrooms and school buildings. Coverage needs to do a great job at blocking out the light, regulating internal temperature all while being safe.

Safety is a major concern for schools, which is why it’s worth considering blinds over curtains. Blinds work perfectly in such a formal and busy place. They are functional, safe thanks to extra features such as flame retardant and waterproofing, which is all great, but they offer so much more that can be beneficial to the education of children.

Educational Blinds?

Okay, so the blinds themselves aren’t educational as such, but they can be used in teaching thanks to the new commercial blinds that are fun and flexible. One design that works perfectly in an educational setting is the pure black canvas that is fully customisable. Teachers and lecturers are treated to additional space to help teach students, using the canvas as a base. Some ideas for the customisation of these commercial blinds include:

  • The addition of star charts used to encourage positive behaviour and praise progress in any area in the classroom or school setting
  • Remind students of the current topics for the term
  • Lists of expected behaviour or rules of the classroom
  • Main areas of focus, such as spellings or time tables

Create a Positive Learning Environment

Commercial blinds can contribute to the overall feel of a room. Classrooms and school buildings should be designed in ways that compliment learning and good behaviour, but how is this possible? Creating an enjoyable workspace is taking off in the business world and this is a trend that would be beneficial to the educational system. Need inspiration? How about:

  • Introduce plenty of greenery into the space. Plants are said to reduce stress and increase productivity. Furthermore, one study of over 7,500 offices showed that plants reduced absences and sickness, great news for schools. Use plants as part of the educational process too.
  • Choose the colour of the classroom wisely. Consider the psychology of colour by picking colours that promote concentration, creativity and encourage participation. Some options to consider are: blues and greens for study areas, red for free play and yellows and oranges for areas where discussions and activities take place. Use colour to define different areas and promote set behaviours for those sections.
  • Add areas of interest with the wall space and windows. Adding inspirational posters, pieces of art and words of encouragement can help lift the mood.
  • Commercial blinds can be used to introduce colour, patterns and designs that benefit the students and educators in the space.

Health and Safety

Eye strain and headaches are symptoms of eye strain that can be experienced in the classroom, especially when working on computers and looking at screens. Help to reduce eye strain using the following tips when setting up the space:

  1. Use good lighting, avoid direct overhead lights that are often found in the classroom. Add lighting at different heights and light levels.
  2. Glare is a huge problem that can be combatted quite easily. Use commercial blinds, vertical and venetian blinds are perfect to help stop the sun from contributing to the strain. Alter the slats in relation to the position and strength of the sunlight.
  3. Encourage short breaks every 20 minutes when working on computers. Perhaps encourage the children to walk over to their water bottles to hydrate, walk around the classroom and return to their desk.
  4. Blink exercises are also beneficial and can be fun to do together. One exercise to try is spending 10 seconds looking at something far away followed by looking at something close for another 10 seconds before returning to the original object.

Blackout Blinds for Concentration

Blackout blinds that are waterproof and fire retardant are perfect for educational rooms where videos are displayed. Block out any sunlight that might make it difficult for students to see the screen comfortably. The blackout blinds help to keep the internal temperature even and block out any distractions.

Black out blinds don’t have to be black, they’re available in many different colours and designs and could even be customised to suit the classroom.

Fire Safety in the Classroom

Not all blinds or curtains are suitable for the classroom for one reason, they’re not fire retardant. Pick commercial blinds that are fire retardant to ensure they’re fit for purpose in school buildings. Fabric that is used in the blinds is treated with a finish that’s flame retardant, this type of finish doesn’t alter the appearance of the functionality of the blinds. Even with the fire-retardant finish there’s still the option to customise the blind as mentioned above or pick something colourful or patterned to add to the learning experience for the students and the staff of the school.

Picking commercial blinds for the classroom doesn’t have to be boring or a routine act. Use the large amount of often wasted space to improve the room for the benefit of everyone.  

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